BHA Technologies offers its clients a wide range of services – but in a different way. Our practice is based on making all resources available to ensure the engagement succeeds in meeting the client’s goals. For example, when we are engaged to assist with an ERP implementation, not only do our clients receive project management services, but also a wide variety of technical and functional training in addition to important areas such as data governance, change management, documentation, and team building. Additionally, our consultants are hired and trained to be empathetic to the users and the struggles they may face. In addition to the general support, BHA Technologies fosters the adoption of innovation with consultants that have walked in their shoes, such as Registrars, Financial Aid Directors, Human Resource and Payroll Directors and Bursars. We also fully support and provide staff augmentation to tackle the particularly difficult tasks that require experience and a deep understanding of the products used.

Ellucian Colleague© Services

Whether you are a long-time Colleague institution or you are considering a new implementation, BHA Technologies is the partner you are looking for. Our EXTRAORDINARY team of experts can ensure that all projects are brought to an EXTRAORDINARILY successful outcome. From overall project management, special workflow projects, functional needs, technical needs, or managing a transition to SQL or SaaS, BHA has the right services for your institution.

Information Security and CISO Services

Each day a college or university is hit with a ransomware attack, an attempted information breach by foreign entities, or a major intrusion through social engineering. The risk is overwhelming and can cause any institution to shut down for a considerable period, lose student data, and/or open financial accounts for theft of identity and the like. Frankly, this should be at the top of every institution’s priority.

The Graham Leach Bliley legislation was enacted to ensure that individuals were protected against identity theft and unauthorized access to personal and financial information. The GLBA impacts every institution that accepts financial aid. Noncompliance with the act could shut down an institution completely by the Department of Education thereby denying financial aid. BHA Technologies provides support to institutions needing to comply with the GLBA, thereby protecting the institution from loss of revenue. Our program is thorough, provides ongoing monitoring, and assurance to the institution that all requirements are being met.

Staff Augmentation

Often colleges and universities are confronted with the need to either replace a critical staff member, supplement skillsets for its existing staff, or introduce short-term leadership to assist with a major change. BHA Technologies can provide the leadership, technical skills, and functional expertise to handle almost all college/university needs. Our team consists of individuals with experience in:

  • Leading change projects as a Chief Information Technology Officer or replacing a temporary vacancy for the CIO after resignation or retirement
  • Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions, and most Student-service related positions
  • Grant assistance
  • Technical services and training
  • Network infrastructure design and deployment

Specialized Services

In addition to the augmented staff support services, BHA Technologies has developed robust programs to address the following:

  • Data Stewardship and Governance
  • Change Management
  • Reporting to help make data-driven decisions
  • Creating efficiencies through Business Process Analysis
  • Getting your school ready for Colleague SaaS