BHA Technologies was founded by Barbara Brown-Faulconer and Sherry Hendrix. The company’s foundation is based on excellent service and affordable solutions. We are proud that BHA is a female, native-owned organization.

The Leadership Team includes:

Sherry Hendrix – Managing Partner

BHA Technologies was built by the hard work and dedication of Sherry Hendrix as one of the founders. Ms. Hendrix has developed a refreshing culture for the organization through her determination in putting our clients first. Sherry leads the services team and provides quality assurance that our clients are treated with the utmost respect, excellent service, and empathy to their unique issues.

Barbara Brown-Faulconer, Ph.D. – Managing Partner

As one of the founders, Barbara brings a tremendous experience to the company in all areas of the organization. Barbara combines her CIO experience, her executive leadership abilities, and her organizational insights to the company. Through Barbara’s leadership, BHA Technologies has forged many new relationships with clients, vendors, and many higher education leaders.

Rick Mortellaro – Director of Projects

BHA Technologies and our clients have been extremely fortunate in have Rick Mortellero in the role of Director of Projects. Rick provides the day-to-day leadership for all implementation services. His ability to pull the client’s team together quickly and set the stage for a successful environment is phenomenal.

Bobby Carrier – Director of Technical Services

Well known as one of the most knowledgeable consultants for the Colleague technical environment, Bobby Carrier leads the BHA Technical Team to address all technical issues. From data migration to subroutines to managing change environments, Bobby can speak to the issues in understandable terms and create solutions to enhance the clients’ experience to the maximum.