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BHA is a recognized leader in providing technology consulting services to a variety of different colleges and universities. Our clients will tell you that whatever project they have taken on with us, they could not have been so successful without our help.

Whether you are looking to have a specialized project designed for an ERP Implementation, a new network, or meeting Information Security requirements, BHA can provide a plan to fit your budget.

“Working with BHA has been a wonderful experience. BHA people are competent, professional, and experts in their field as evidenced by their ability to handle all situations with expertise and ease. BHA made the transition seamless and were reliable and excellent communicators which helped keep our internal time schedule and still work toward our goal. Their major attributes are expertise knowledge, ability to solve major issues, organization, persistence to handle issues, knowledge, focus, and trustworthiness. They are quick to respond to communication and there is an ease in communication with their staff which removes any anxiety in this process. We could not have been so successful without BHA and their staff was understanding and relentless in helping us solve some major obstacles. We are thankful that they were able to handle major issues and help us with implementation. Working with BHA made a huge difference in our success and we are fortunate to have found them. They are definitely the reason our project was successful.”

Dean K. Krischke, Dean of Online Learning and Institutional Assessment
Generations College

“If things are going well, universities hope to change major systems less than once every decade. When they do change systems, however, this means that they have very little internal experience for such a large project. When transitioning its student information system, Point University found itself in exactly this position. By engaging with BHA, Point was able to gain the experience and expertise of a firm that focuses on system change and transition. Without the expertise, experience, and guidance of BHA, our system transition would have been a months-long waking nightmare. With the assistance of BHA, we are already seeing the benefits of a new system that has been expertly implemented.”

Stephen Waers, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Point University

“BHA provided consistent and helpful assistance from the beginning of our Colleague ERP/SIS implementation to go-live.  The implementation process covers a lot of ground and BHA was at the table the entire time.  I appreciate them.”

Dusty R. Johnston, President
Vernon College

Implementation Services

BHA technologies proudly provides implementation services, helping your organization adopt new software and processes. We offer full technical support and project management to ensure your technology adoption is as seamless as possible.

Specialized Services

Does it always seem like technology fails you when you need it most? You need your technology to work for you, not against you. That’s where we come in. We provide technical and functional specialists to assist in building third-party interfaces, training and more.

Managed Services

Don’t want to hire someone in-house to manage system upgrades? Let us take care of it for you! We also provide robust off-site hosting, including AWS, Azure and private cloud services.